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As the vegan creators of Luna Burger, a Columbus-based veggie burger company in operation for the past 8 years, we’ve become attuned to the growth in the consumer market for locally-sourced, healthily-prepared vegan foods.  Luna Burger has been voted one of the top veggie burgers in town by Columbus Alive readers for the past 3 years and has gathered fans and eaters across 30 states.  While rewarding, we've missed working with the whole menu and are excited to bring our vegan know-how to local restaurants and private kitchens.  We're working with another small Ohio business to resume production of Luna Burgers, which are currently unavailable.

The day will come when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.
— Paul Cezanne

Megan has been devouring vegan and vegetarian cookbooks for years, building her skills in adapting traditional recipes and creating original vegan dishes.  She'll write her own one day, but for now you can use her creative juices and training skills for your own benefit! Barbie's experience working in cafes, bakeries and production kitchens--as well as being the fortunate eater of Megan's many dishes--complements our recipe development team with practical knowledge to ensure simple and successful implementation.  

L to R, Barbie & Megan Luna

L to R, Barbie & Megan Luna



Why vegan?



There's a growing number of people eating plant-based, whole foods, vegan diets, as well as omnivores who appreciate varied options.  So these days, everybody has a vegan friend who will do menu research before dining out and influence the group's decision about where to eat.  Adapting your menu to have the most versatile and inclusive options makes sense when it comes to boosting revenue and encouraging repeat customers.  Offering clear and creative vegan menu items will bring more customers through your door.  



There are many reasons why people choose to eat a vegan diet: lessening our environmental impacts on earth, water, and air; maintaining healthy bodies; caring about animals--both wildlife and animals raised for food; challenging industrial agriculture and so many others.  The longer we're vegan--or the older we get!--the more we realize that all these reasons are connected.  And when it sometimes seems like we don't have the power to change the world for the better, being vegan is a way for us to choose every day, at every meal, to move toward a more just, safe, and compassionate world.





Recipe Development

We create original recipes that fit the style and theme of your restaurant and collaborate with your team to develop options that fulfill your specific and unique kitchen needs.  From appetizers and soups to sandwiches and signature burgers, entrees to desserts, we'll bring you creative vegan options that set your menu apart.  Gluten-free inclusion also possible.


Vegan Event support

Have a catering event that requires special menu items but not enough time to develop the vegan items you need?  We'll come to your rescue with full menu suggestions, recipes, and procedures that will complement the event menu and easily fit into your prep process.  Gluten-free support is also available.

veganize your Menu 

We'll bring some fresh eyes to your menu and offer ways to vegan-ize some of your current offerings.  

Staff training

We want our recipes to bring you customers and keep them coming back.  To that end, we'll train your back of the house staff to prep and serve your new vegan dishes with efficiency and consistency.  And we'll train your FOH staff to understand vegan concepts in general and the particular dishes on your menu that fit the bill.  Available with recipe development or independently. 

client-driven consulting

We'll work with you on an hourly basis to meet your particular needs.  From basic concepts and skill-building to vegan baking and cooking techniques to brainstorming and troubleshooting, we're here for you!










Interested in any of the above services?  Have questions?  Just want to talk more about possibilities? We'd love to hear from you!